Atlanta Electric Vehicle Development Coalition

Atlanta's Home for Electric Vehicle News and Information

About Atlanta Electric Vehicle Development Coalition

Welcome to the Atlanta Electric Vehicle Development Coalition!

The purpose of the Atlanta Electric Vehicle Development Coalition (AEVDC) is to help advance electric vehicle charging infrastructure and EV ownership in the 11 county metro Atlanta area. This blog will provide you with relevant Atlanta, U.S. and international news and information to help you learn about this exciting new (well not so new since the first electric car was introduced 100 years ago) way to drive. As an EV owner and former automotive executive, and now leading North America EV infrastructure sales for Current Powered by GE [Current By GE], I bring you my unique perspective on EVs and the challenges and solutions to building electric vehicle infrastructure. My opinions expressed are mine own.

I welcome your comments.  And check out our sister company, Georgia EVentures, LLC who make it possible for non-EV drivers to experience the Tesla Model S all electric vehicle and the Chevrolet VOLT Plug-In electric/gas hybrid. Georgia EVentures

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