Atlanta Electric Vehicle Development Coalition

Atlanta's Home for Electric Vehicle News and Information


Welcome to the Atlanta Electric Vehicle Development Coalition! We are glad that you are here.  With over 20,000 electric vehicles in metro Atlanta the need for information about the many types of EVs, Public and Private Charging, Electric Utility Rates and the plan for charging in Atlanta and in Georgia is needed now more than ever!  While the purpose of the Atlanta Electric Vehicle Development Coalition (AEVDC for short) is to foster partnerships to help advance electric vehicle infrastructure and ownership in the 11 county metro Atlanta area, this blog will provide you with relevant Atlanta, US and International news and information to help you learn about this exciting new (well not so new since the first electric car was introduced 100 years ago) way to drive while helping improve air quality, reduce our carbon footprint and create a more sustainable relationship with automobiles.  As an EV owner, Electric Vehicle Charging Station expert (GE, ChargePoint) and former automotive executive, I will bring you my unique perspective on EVs and my goal is to give you timely and useful information.  I welcome your comments.  Thank you for joining the AEVDC!

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