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Reports and Research

Read resports and research created by AEVDC contributors as well as the information that AEVDC finds relevant and significant to EVs and EVSE in Atlanta and throughout the U.S.

2013 Chevrolet VOLT 12 Month Ownership Cost

 At just $0.45/mile including lease payment, gas/electric, insurance and maintenance, the Chevrolet VOLT costs 26% less than the AAA average of $0.61/mile.  Want to know more?  2013 VOLT 12 Month Ownership Cost

EV Sales Analysis, January 2011  to May 2014

Based on the latest EV sales data as reported by, here is the AEVDC team’s assessment of AFV (Alternative Fuel Vehicle) sales from 2011-May 2014Nissan LEAF is the winner but Ford is coming on strong!  Read why the Chevrolet VOLT is lagging behind and how the Toyota Prius Plug In is staging a comeback! Read afv-2011-2014-may-sales-analysis-1 for our full report.

EV and EVSE Tax/Subsidy Incentives, State-by-State 2014

Curious about which states are providing the most support for EVs and EVSE infrastructure? Our breakdown of these policies from subsidies for purchasing EVS or installing charging stations to tax exemptions on EVs or loans and grants to EV/EVSE manufacturers may surprise you. Read our summary of these programs (comprehensive list of these policies by state (source: Alternative Fuels Data Center) is also included) in the Electric Vehicle and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Tax Incentives by State Report.

Saving More than Gas: A Comparison of CO2 Emissions and Ownership Costs of HEVs, PHEVs, and Gas Cars

By design, HEVs and PHEVs emit less carbon dioxide than gasoline cars. But how much less CO2 and HEVs and PHEVs emit the least CO2 particles? Beyond CO2 reductions, do EVs in general save their owners money through cheaper fuel costs? What about other savings? Read some data we have collected showing that EVs reduce CO2 emissions while saving owners money. Read Do Hybrid Electric Vehicle do more than save money at the gas pump?

Engendering the Future of Electric Vehicles: A Study by UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies

Three researchers as UC Davis conducted a focus group of BMW Mini drivers in Los Angeles in 2011 and Nissan Leaf owners in San Diego in 2012 to learn if and how men and women view EVs and charging stations differently. Their preliminary results suggest that men’s perspectives on EVs and EVSE infrastructure as well as their preferences are more likely to shape the future developments of the industry than women’s concerns and ideas. To read more, see our post on it. Click Engendering the Future of Electric Vehicles for the study.

An Automotive Insider’s Tour of Tesla’s Fremont, California, Plant

Read AEVDC founder Jeff Cohen’s first hand account of his private tour of Tesla’s 5 million square foot automotive production plant. The article delves into both the rich history and current importance of the plant to the car industry. Originally featured on Cleantechnica and Inside EVs. Read it here: Tesla Fremont Plant Tour Article June 2014

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