Atlanta Electric Vehicle Development Coalition

Atlanta's Home for Electric Vehicle News and Information


AEVDC will Foster Partnerships to Advance Electric Vehicle Ownership and Infrastructure Development throughout Metropolitan Atlanta’s 11 Counties.

Support creation of a master plan for EV charging infrastructure.

Work with coalition members to create a master plan to ensure convenient, highly visible public charging stations. Support forums where current and prospective EV owners can voice their thoughts about public and private EV charging installations. Promote the positive benefits to metro Atlanta for sustainability (carbon footprint reduction, renewable energy sources).

Foster partnerships to advance electric vehicle infrastructure and EV ownership.

Corporate Partnerships to support EV charging developed with Atlanta industry leaders including Coca Cola, Cox Enterprise, Georgia Pacific, Georgia Power/Southern Company, Georgia Aquarium, CNN Center, Turner Broadcasting, Home Depot, and UPS.

Commercial Real Estate firms (Ackerman, Cousins, CBRE, Cresa Partners etc.) can help foster workplace charging initiatives.

Local automotive retail stores (Nissan, BMW, Chevrolet, Tesla)  to support EV ownership and can provide  prospective buyer with education about at home and away from home charging alternatives.

Provide consumer education about EV vehicle offerings, ownership economics, home and public charging methods, and available tax incentives (Federal and State of Georgia).

Provide information on home installation of Lv2 charging equipment and access to public charging stations (Lv1, Lv2,  DC) with information as new EVSE installations come on-stream.

Foster solar power to support the metro Atlanta EV charging infrastructure and ‘give back’ to the electrical power grid.

The GE Eco Imagination EV solar charging station (PV2EV) carport at the GE Energy offices represents the art of the possible in metro Atlanta.  Atlanta averages 5.18 hours of sunlight per day making it an ideal metropolitan area for solar powered EV charging stations.


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