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Workplace Charging in the Garden State Courtesy of PSEG

Charging your electric vehicle at work in New Jersey just got a little easier thanks to a WorkPlace Charging program sponsored by PSEG. PSEG will provide up to 150 charging systems for free. Participating workplaces will need to install the units and pay for the electricity. PSEG will own the charging systems and collect usage data to better understand the impact of workplace charging on electric demand and the electric delivery system.

PSEG also released data on the first year of operations of its own employee electric car incentive program launched one year ago, including:

  • The 13 employees in the program are estimated to have driven 120,000 miles on electric commuting to and from work in the first twelve months of the program.
  • The participants are estimated to have saved 5,300 gallons of gas and avoided spending nearly $19,000 on gas just on their commute.
  • By commuting on electric, it is estimated that the program helped avoid 50 to 60 tons of CO2 being released into the air as well as reduced  particulate, SOx and NOx emissions in communities through the state.

 Workplace charging programs are pickingup steam across the US! Recently, the Department of Energy through the CleanCities program announced a $4.5 million funding program to encourage greater consumer engagement with alternative fuel vehicles. No doubt many of those pilot programs will focus on workplace charging. Georgia is expected to compete for funding given the very strong CleanCitiesGeorgia program under the leadership of Director Don Francis.

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Ford is the #2 EV Manufacturer due to the Fusion Energi, as We Predicted

Automakers released their June sales numbers yesterday and today. These numbers, reported in a convenient format by, are quite encouraging for the U.S. EV market overall. Sales nearly hit 12,000 making June 2014 the second highest sales month in the U.S. in EV history. June made some companies (Ford, Nissan, Tesla) and models (Fusion Energi, LEAF, Model S) big winners and other companies (Toyota) and models (Spark, RAV4)  not so winners. 

Read more for more in-depth analysis of June 2014 EV sales. 


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Georgia Alternative Fuel Vehicles ROADSHOW Stop #1 – Atlanta GA

I attended the first stop of the 4th Annual Georgia Alternative Fuel Vehicle ROADSHOW on June 17, 2014 held at the Georgia International Convention Center.  Based on the presentations, I see  growing Public-Private partnerships to drive EV ownership and infrastructure development in metro Atlanta and throughout the State of Georgia. Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols sponsored the Roadshow and has now taken it to eight cities across the state June 17-26, 2014. Don Francis, Executive Director, Clean Cities Georgia was on hand to help kick off the event and bring his growing EV optimism to the audience. Representatives from  public utilities (Ben Echols – Georgia Power), EV vehicle manufacturers (Cornelius Willingham -Nissan) and EVSE (Mike Anderson efacec) presented a compelling view of the emerging public-private partnerships taking place in Georgia to drive EV and Alternative Fueled Vehicle adoption. Willingham said that after home based charging, workplace  charging is the number 2 place preferred by EV owner. Nissan offers a full assessment of workplace charging needs and free Nissan LEAF ‘ride and drive’ events at the location. Surprisingly, only 1,000 EV/PHEV Georgia Power customers are on the PEV Time of Use Plan, said Ben Echols.  As a VOLT owner, I’ve saved almost $500 over the last 18 months on my entire home electric bill!  If you drive an EV, and Georgia Power is your electric utility provider, you owe it to yourself to check out the PEV plan.  See the link on the Resources page.